Meet Our Animal Health Professionals

Amy Beaudin – Manager

Amy Beaudin – Manager

Like so many people, Amy followed her heart and a lifelong passion for animals into the veterinary profession. She has a bachelor's degree in Health Sciences and a veterinary assistant certificate. Amy enjoys talking to pet owners about the latest information on ways that they can help their animals live healthy and happy lives. At home, she enjoys spending time with her husband, son, two dogs, and two cats.


Sophie Beaulne – Technician

Sophie Beaulne – Technician

Sophie has been working as a veterinary technician since she graduated from Algonquin College in 2010. She loves all kinds of animals but has a special fondness for older ones. She loves discussing animal nutrition and creating weight loss programs for the pleasantly plumped pets. She’s greeted at home by her cat Fluffy, and cockatiel Chico. When she isn’t working, Sophie enjoys reading true crime stories, painting and doing crafts.


Jessica Gosselin – Registered Veterinary Technician

Jessica Gosselin – Registered Veterinary Technician

Ever since she was six years old, Jessica dreamed of working with animals. The thought of helping those who couldn’t help themselves gave her joy. After high school, she pursued her dream by enrolling in a veterinary technician program and shortly after graduation, successfully passed her National Board exams.

Jessica continues to advance her knowledge and is working hard on becoming a VNA (Veterinary Nutrition Advocate) and hoping to one day become a VST (Veterinary Specialty Technician) in Dentistry and Surgery by keeping up with the latest medical advances. When she isn’t working towards her career, she enjoys playing with her beagle named Tootsie, reading all kinds of books and watching the latest enthralling television series.

Dr Brigitte Mehlhorn

Dr. Brigitte Mehlhorn

Dr. Mehlhorn is a 1979 graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College. She has worked in Ottawa as a small animal veterinarian ever since. She has been an associate veterinarian at the St. Laurent Animal Hospital since 2002, with special interests in general medicine and endocrinology.

When not working, Dr. Mehlhorn enjoys spending time at the family cottage in the Rideau Lakes area with her husband, two children, son-in-law, and her two granddaughters. She also shares her home with Laddie and Peanut (pictured).

Dr Carmen Purtscher

Dr. Carmen Purtscher

Dr. Carmen Purtscher is an associate veterinarian at the St. Laurent Animal Hospital. She grew up in the heart of the Austrian Alps and realized her passion for helping animals when, at the age of five, she helped a farmer in her neighbourhood deliver a calf. While attending high school, she worked at a local veterinary clinic as an assistant and then moved to Vienna to attend university and obtain her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree.

After graduation, Dr. Purtscher worked at a busy emergency clinic where she quickly gained valuable experience and discovered her interests for general and emergency medicine, ophthalmology and soft tissue surgery. In 2008, she followed her heart and her fiancé to Canada and has enjoyed living in Ottawa ever since.

In her free time, you may find Dr. Purtscher swimming or hiking in Gatineau Park. She also enjoys traveling, scuba diving and taking long walks with her husband and their foster dog Britt.

Dr Thomas Kral

Dr. Thomas Kral

Dr. Kral has been in veterinary practice since graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1991. He has a diverse background in veterinary medicine, having worked in mixed rural practice for several years after graduation. In 1997, he opened the St. Laurent Animal Hospital and since then has devoted himself exclusively to the healthcare of dogs and cats with interests in general medicine and surgery.

Dr. Kral lives with his wife, two children, two cats and a dog and loves to keep busy outdoors working on and maintaining the family’s small acreage. He enjoys camping and hiking and, along with his family, has climbed all of the 46 high peaks in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. His greatest outdoor enthusiasm is for skiing and ski mountaineering. Dr. Kral has summited many peaks in the Alps and the Canadian Rockies in pursuit of adventure, spectacular scenery and steep and deep powder snow.

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