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St. Laurent Animal Hospital has your pet's well-being at heart. We cater to the needs of all cats, dogs, and pocket pets, and provide you with essential information to help you keep their health in excellent condition. From vaccinations to dental procedures, we provide a range of veterinary services in Ottawa. When you bring your pets to our clinic, our experienced team will do its best to make them feel comfortable and safe. To learn more about our services, or to book an appointment, get in touch with us.



It is always better to maintain good health than trying to restore health after an illness. Preventive healthcare is also more economical in comparison to expensive treatments. A few cornerstones to good health include proper nutrition and exercise, control of internal and external parasites, maintaining good dental health and prevention of infectious diseases. Just like us going to see our own doctor. It is equally important for your pets to visit their veterinarian once or twice a year. Regular wellness exams allow us the opportunity to detect potential health problems before they become more serious.

Preventive Care


Vaccination is important for your pet’s health because the transmission of diseases is far more likely among pets than it is among humans. At the St. Laurent Animal Hospital, we recommend vaccinations for your pet based on their age and health condition. We use vaccines with the longest possible duration of immunity to ensure your pet will receive the least number of vaccinations over his or her lifetime. Most of the vaccines we use have a three-year duration of immunity. Getting in touch with your vet will help you determine which vaccines are required for your pet.



Despite the steps we take to prevent illness, our pets might still become sick. If you notice symptoms such as loss of energy or appetite, changes in water consumption or urination, abnormal bowel movements, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, or itchiness, your pet may require medical attention.


At our facility, we offer a wide range of in-house diagnostic services such as blood testing, urine analysis, and X-ray. Ultrasound services are also available on an appointment basis. If necessary, we will send the sample to our laboratory to determine the cause of the illness. Our turn around time is fast and efficient.

Sick pets


The first, and hopefully only, surgery your pet will ever need is the spay or neuter procedure. We recommend this procedure for all pets not intended for breeding. Performing these procedures can help reduce or prevent many unwanted behaviours such as urine marking and aggression. In addition, sterilization can help reduce the incidence of some serious diseases, including cancers associated with the reproductive system. We recommend these procedures to be done at around six months of age. At this age, most patients haven't yet developed any of the unwanted behaviours and will also recover quickly from the surgery.


At our hospital, our team is trained and equipped to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures should the need arise. Some of the more common procedures include lump removals, biopsies, the removal of bladder stones, and abdominal surgery to remove foreign body obstructions.



If your pets’ teeth aren’t brushed regularly, it could lead to tartar accumulation. If the tartar buildup continues, they could develop gum disease, dental pain and ultimately, tooth loss. As the disease progresses, the dental infection may potentially spread through the body and cause your pet to become very ill.


Routine dental prophylaxis helps to remove the tartar from above and below the gum line. This will prevent the consequences of unchecked dental disease in your pets. In our hospital, we perform routine dental cleaning and polishing as well as extractions as needed. We can also refer your pet to a dental specialist for more complicated procedures if necessary.



There may be a need for your pet to be on medication. Fortunately, with our in-house pharmacy, we're here to help. If there is a medication that your pet requires that we don't have in stock, we can have it ordered in at your convenience. If there is an ongoing need for medicine, the prescription may be refilled with a simple phone call. In all cases, prescriptions must be authorized by a doctor so please give us 48 hours notice should your pet need a prescription refilled.



Protecting your pet from getting lost or being stolen is very important. An implanted microchip with your pet's unique identification is permanent and can be the difference between lost and found. For your pet’s protection and your peace of mind, we can microchip your pet using internationally recognized ISO microchips. The procedure is quick and causes minimal discomfort - not much more than a routine vaccination.



Weight management is crucial in maintaining pet health. Overweight pets are more likely to have heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, skin problems and even certain cancers. At St. Laurent Animal Hospital, we understand that nutritional needs of pets vary. Health means something different for every pet and this is why we ensure to focus on breed-specific diets tailored to what your companions needs most.

Nutrition planning

Our team also understands that health can be fragile and that the first year of your pets’ life is crucial for healthy development. The nutrition they receive as a puppy or kitten will impact them for the rest of their lives. As your pets age, they may need additional support for their joints and skin as well as healthy brain function.


At our hospital, we can create nutrition plans for your pets to help them live their best life for years to come.
Whether you want your pets to lose weight and decrease caloric consumption or vice-versa, our team will happily provide you with food recommendations.



We have an experienced team committed to keeping your pets healthy.


Book an appointment with our doctors today.

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